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"Jinjiang business cost comparative analysis," the report pointed out: Jinjiang business costs and Kunshan, Shunde and other regions compared to the competitiveness of the obvious gap, but in the top 100 counties in a better position. From the analysis of the business cost, we can see that Jinjiang is in the middle of industrialization, so it is urgent to upgrade the industry and adjust the industrial structure. Jinjiang at the middle level of analysis of the comprehensive indexes, Jinjiang because of wage level, production cost and management cost is low, and the rigid business cost is ranked five in the city of fourth, has a competitive advantage, but the low level of wages, but also reflects the transformation of industry is not fast enough, the overall quality of the labor force is still in a relatively low level. From the soft business cost point of view, Jinjiang due to lack of human resources, technological innovation ability, the financing environment is not optimized and ranks the five city second high, and there is a big gap between Shunde, Kunshan, Yinzhou. comparative analysis shows that the comprehensive business cost of Jinjiang is in the middle reaches, which is higher than that in Kunshan and Shunde, lower than in Yinzhou and Rongcheng, and is basically consistent with the actual situation. Overall, although five cities due to economic development level, geographical location and the local population, cultural differences, business cost level is not a business environment, the advantages and disadvantages of different, but Jinjiang and Kunshan, Shunde and other ten counties in the country there is a certain gap, especially in the preferential policies, human resources and technological innovation ability etc. in the shade that is cheap air jordans online , the Jinjiang foreign investment in the "weakness". business cost has the advantage of Jinjiang business costs are high on land prices, labor costs, consumption levels, etc., can it be concluded that the investment environment in Jinjiang is not competitive? Chen Shi, director of the Jinjiang Statistics Bureau in charge of the report, thinks the answer is negative. Chen pointed out that, for investors, if the return on investment is high enough or the output is large enough, then his concern about business costs will be reduced accordingly. Studies have shown that the land prices and wages in enterprises has negative effects on small city investment, but the positive effect on business investment in big city, big city because of strong purchasing power of the people and the size of the market will bring agglomeration effect more return. The advantages of compared to Jinjiang, although Jinjiang's land prices because of the scarcity of land resources and rising labor costs due to the upgrading of the industrial structure and continue to improve, but Jinjiang's infrastructure improvement, industrial supporting ability, active and open market development degree is high, more importantly, government policies more transparent standard of administrative examination and approval procedures simplified, tracking service is in place, therefore, Jinjiang's comprehensive business costs may be lower, the investment environment is actually more competitive. industry should be re positioning goes through many)Following the successful launch of Dunk Low Nike SB Orange Box, and the choice of high help for the design of the prototype, design inspirations silver shoe box, launched under this new version. This section uses the grey suede material composed of Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale shoe body, with the green Swoosh and laces, finally with shoebox patterned heel. item: 313171-039 release date: October 29th nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-2.jpg (68.13 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date.jpg (37.51 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date-1.jpg (57.09 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date-2.jpg (98.58 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload nike-sb-dunk-high-silver-box-release-date-3.jpg (130.49 KB, download number: 19) download Nike SB Dunk High Silver Box silver box 2016-10-21 13:28 upload 2012-3-23 11:16 upload and download the attachment (140.72 KB) as one of the league's best goalscorer, Ray Allen spent his early career occupation in Milwaukee and Milwaukee, where the outstanding performance to lay his position in the league. Recently, a group of Air Jordan 7 Ray Allen Milwaukee bucks player edition shoes pictures online release. The shoes were made of the black, purple and white colors of the Bucks' home team uniforms, and the black uppers looked very deep and elegant, which coincided with the reputation of Ray Allen's sword. The number on the upper ankle No. 34 matches the number of Ray Allen's jersey. The shoes are sold on the eBay, and the rare PE is believed to be expensive. recently, there are users drying out Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" legend blue color on the feet, real shot. The overall feeling is very refreshing, I believe after jordan shoes online sale seeing many friends can not wait to get this will be officially released on December 20th, the legendary blue bar?Designer Chris Vaas ( Kris Van Assche ) small archives:Kris Van Assche, Chinese Name: Chris, Soren, pronunciation: Kris Van Ash, incumbent Dio Hoe ( Dior Homme ) designer. Chris Vaas ( Kris Van Assche ) was born in 1976 in Belgium, 1998 graduated from the Antwerp Royal College of Art ( Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts ), he was lucky to enter at the time by Eddie Slimane ( Hedi Slimane ) Institute of design director Yves Saint Laurent ( YSL ) practice. The next six years, Van Assche has been with Slimane from YSL to Dior Homme as his assistant, until in 2005 he set up his own brand.Since 2007 April took over the Dior Homme creative director, major media on the Kris Van Assche attention has not stopped. As Hedi Slimane apprentice, also has become the Dior Homme designer, all people focus on Van Assche who, unable to hold oneself back to have a look whether he will for those sitting super narrow tube trousers and fine tailoring Dior male to bring what kind of new style. Fortunately, in the 08 summer conference, he did not make them disappointed. Van Assche will try many past Dior I am a senior custom Couture created by the classical elements into the men's design details: such as playing nine strip pleat trousers, to create a series of black gray white tone, line simplification cases fall, elegant style with a romantic Vintage clothing.Kris Van Assche Dior brands on the depth of understanding, as well as his clothing expertise are eventually he was president of LVMH Bernard Arnault phase causes.But from his first launched its own brand, the beginning of creation, that is constantly suffered some clothing media criticism, think his style is foamposites for cheap similar to Hedi Slimane. For such commentary, he himself in spring / summer 08 fashion show said: " I'm getting used to it ... This is my sixth season will be released, they still continue to be my work and he did, so I don't care ".Since then the Dior Homme after work, he remodeled the Dior Headquarter general office, the original dark walls into the bright colors, in order to let those who will work with him employees, there is a " fresh start".On Van Assche, at the same time as Dior Homme and their own brand design director, is an interesting challenge: both are highly creative work, but in the process it would have so many beat all the difference. He said, in his own studio, because do not have too much money, most of the time by him alone to do a lot of work, he spent a lot of time in the design drawings and continuously modified contour lines, often spend a long time to see the final. But in Dior Homme is completely different, the studio has 45 professional printing and proofing master, as long as he drew a pants, somebody can give him seven different production ways. Therefore, in the same under the leadership of Van Assche, the two brands showing a distinct style.Designer Chris Vaas ( Kris Van Assche ) design style:" A mature man, not classical, also not too smart. " He for their brand image so described. " Let the people look more elegant; the pursuit of a poetic and real sense of new male trait. " It is his brand spirit.He was with Johnny Depp ( Johnny Depp ) and Tim Burton ( Tim Burton ) films for inspiration, and respondents said " Finding Neverland " " looking for new paradise " is his favorite movie, " because every adult should have a childlike innocence and spirit ".In the 07 spring and summer clothing series, can be seen from the 80' cheap air jordans s film " American gigolo " inspired. Kris Van Assche Richard Gere in the film wearing Armani ( Armani ) suit afresh with brand-new appearance appears on the catwalk, at the same time, he made a pair of men and women models wearing the same clothing design, the perfect show very modern exquisite tailoring. On the processing of detail, you can see Van Assche's intentions. He used the cut pieces, make suit collar piece for pattern in different directions, and texture change in gloss.Spring / Summer 2008 fashion show Kris Van Assche to " Souvenirs " as the theme, through the German photographer August Sander in the 20's by shooting works for inspiration, created a series of black, white, various shades of gray and mustard yellow dress. Understated elegance of style can be seen in many lines and details of the change, even if it is decorated with accessories is also full of surprises. Among them, a five sleeve white shirt, with the button fixed mustard yellow tie, with an eye to a bright new contour; fit dark sword collar jacket - a look at carefully, you will find there are so different length front hem. Mini top hat, is the designer of the innocence ' cover all at one glance.In addition to the clothes, Chris Vaas ( Kris Van Assche ) specially for charity ( Action Innocence ) of the sale to design a modeling lovely tactic bears, and will be in Paris on November 26, 2007 Galeries Lafayette exhibition at the same time and the other including Azzedine Alaia, Bruno Frisoni, Chanel and Prada and other famous designers and tactic bear to display. This is called Billy white bear, 55 cm high, made of soft cotton, in which innocent eyes, decorated with sparkling SWAROVSKI ( Swarovski ) crystal.inspired by the 1993 Christmas classic animated The before Christmas Nightmare, Adidas will launch Rose 3 and adizero Crazy Light 2 shoes, purple, luminous special color matching. The uppers are purple bright surface material, create special luster and texture of the sole and the top, followed by three lines are special use of luminous material, make shoes can emit light in the darkness, let the opponent in the course of nightmares. At the same time, the launch of the Rose collocation Nightmare Before Christmas color T-shirt and shorts, shoes and is expected to be listed in February. 2012-12-23 12:51 upload and download attachments (143.78 KB) 2012-12-23 upload and download attachments at 12:51 (115.19, KB) 2012-12-23 upload and download attachments at 12:51 (146.1, KB) 2012-12-23 upload and download attachments at 12:51 (119.92, KB) 2012-12-23 upload and download attachments at 12:51 (121.47, KB) 2012-12-23 upload and download attachments at 12:51 (106.2, KB) Retro Running wave continues to sweep us, and today brought us Puma for the autumn and winter this year to create four new color Trinomic XT1 Plus. The four colors are very bright, each color has the corresponding characteristics, I believe that can more widely meet your appetite. It is reported that the series will begin landing shelves next month.[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] reported that Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce announced the sampling results during the Spring Festival, selling clothing, consumers surprise is that this fall and winter clothing quality monitoring shows that nearly half failed, Nike ( stores), seven wolves (stores), the elderly first-class designer clothes also were listed in the "black list", it is worth noting that a nominal Lans.R the S0059 Xinyi blue trousers were detected decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes exceeded. Currently, substandard products have all the shelves. Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Guangzhou circulation of shopping malls, supermarket sales of winter clothing quality monitoring. Sampling a total of 86 production of 100 models of goods. After testing, 55 samples pass section 44 subsection commodity is judged to be the overall failure of verification, 1 commodity is determined to sample failed, a failure rate of 45%. Currently, substandard goods have all the shelves. where Mawar Group (Guangzhou) Garments Co., Ltd. production of a nominal Lans.R the S0059 Xinyi blue trousers were detected biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes exceeded. Relevant national standards carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes detectable amount shall not exceed 20mg / kg, but this sampling of the goods decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes measured value of 72mg / kg. Meanwhile, Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. production of a knit pullover is detected excessive light fastness, Fujian seven wolves Industrial Co., Ltd. production of a velvet jacket was found to contain excessive levels. In addition, first-class multi-brand Metersbonwe and old jackets and other products produced by the project were detected exceeded. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)For the older Sneaker speaking, Reebok's DMX10 liquidity cushion Technology will not be unfamiliar, applied in the shoes of the most famous is the signature model Iverson Answer 1 smash hit that year, in our topic column has also been described in detail for the shoes. This uses a DMX 10 airbags shoes, Reebok is known as the most successful works DMX, DMX 10 its excellent cushioning effect, become unable to go beyond that era and replicated in the end science and technology, to date, so classic The technology will once again come before us, Reebok DMX 10 Runner will return in the near future engraved, silver white and black running shoes with a retro vamp tricolor appearance, reflects the full modern, and we will review it again in the bottom solid cushioning texture, let us look forward to it! Source: sneakernewsAir Jordan 6 Rings is this pair of shoes on the feet of Michael Jordan from two times to three consecutive periods of assembled Jordan's Brand classic basketball shoes Jordan 6 girls Pink Flash Rings launched exclusive color, with white leather uppers create, tongue, buckle, heel and lining are echoed in black ring present, buckle and Jumpman by pink decorative details, finally equipped with Air Jordan 13 "Panda" bottom end. The new color shoes have been on sale for $130. In this paper, and pictures are from the network, if the same, please contact the editor. this year is still Air Jordan 13 Low low help sale year, including Pure, Money, including many colors are unique, flexible low shoe type is also a good choice for wearing matching in summer! in front of this pair of Air Jordan 13 Low "Brave Blue" will be officially released on April 8th, in the spring for us to bring a black and blue calm and sports experience! this classic color for the first time in 1998, is the first Air Jordan 13 low color color of the first year of the gang! This is the first time. Jumpman black and white soles and silver are the visual impact, the Navy became the visual line, with 3M reflective mesh fabric, not only to create a very easy to wear a dazzling visual effects, reflecting its unique martial arts, but also hidden! number: 310810-407 release date: April 8th