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Although not understand Japanese, but also have read the previous "SHOES MASTER" journals, those exquisite original image and typography, really add a lot of value to read this magazine, even as the next so people who do not understand the text I want to start collections, which may become a foregone conclusion. gimmick though, and the annual "ALL GONE" to exaggeration, but to fight to the core essence of the magazine, I feel every year two "SHOES MASTER" will be even better, yesterday officially launched the first of 17 sale, but for many owners after the "Alipay" try before you buy as customary friend, not seen previews difficult decision I felt the mind, it does not matter, yesterday on the official blog "SHOES MASTER" exposed part of the contents page, habits Alipay Mode of friends may wish to preview, and then make a conclusion! & nbsp; Source: SHOES MASTER later connection: amazon & nbsp;XX8 Days Of Flight publicity project second days, exposure is naturally Air Jordan II XX8 Days Of Flight series color matching. Black quality leather made of shoes, with fluorescent green lining and outsole, retains Air, Jordan, II, while maintaining a sense of stability without losing sight. recently Wakubo Rei COMME des GARCONS Watanabe Junya Junya Watanabe MAN joint Levi LVC launched 1947 edition of camouflage water washable denim jeans. A second LVC Nissan 1947 model 501 prototype build, using both modified camouflage inside bag, trouser legs more use car line reinforcement, the details are worth the taste. download (314.11 KB)〈br 2010-9-26="" 10:41 download (220.21 KB)〈br 2010-9-26="" 10:41 download (340.8 KB)〈br 2010-9-26="" 10:41 download (406.89 KB)〈br 2010-9-26="" 10:41 download (258.93 KB)〈br 2010-9-26="" 10:41 download (356.04 KB)〈br 2010-9-26="" 10:41ZARA brand introduction:ZARA fashion brand founded in 1975 in Spain, belonging to the Spanish clothing giant Inditex group, ZARA in 56 countries around the world set up more than two thousand family clothing stores and by the global fashion of young people, not only the excellent design of ZARA designer, the price is relatively cheap, simple, ZARA is to allow civilians to embrace High Fashion jordan 3 katrina 2018 . A lot of friends want to know how to read ZARA? The correct pronunciation of ZARA brand in Spanish is tha-ra sound, th is in English " three " statement, R is a retroflex. Say simply, ZARA pronunciation in Chinese is close to "Sara ".?? ZARA brand history:In 1975, apprentice Amancio Ortega Gaona ( Amancio Ortega Gaona ) in the northwest of Spain in the remote town opened a small clothing store called ZARA. Now, the leading brand former unknown ZARA has grown into a global fashion apparel, global more than 60 countries and regions, the number of stores has reached more than 1000.ZARA brand road can be said to be an offbeat fashion industry, in the middle of the top fashion brand and popular clothing unique traditional started fast fashion ( Fast Fashion ) mode. With the fast fashion ( Fast Fashion ) has become a mainstream form of fashion apparel industry, ZARA is a respected brand, known as " the fashion industry in the Dell Computer ", also some people evaluate the " fashion industry Swatch watches ". In 2005, ZARA in the world's 100 most valuable brands in the top 77, Harvard Business School to ZARA brand evaluation for Europe 's most valuable brand, Walton College of business ZARA brand as a model for the study of the manufacturing industry in the future. ZARA as a leading the future trends of the company, has become a fashion industrybenchmark.ZARA brand head covered with much aura, but not enjoy undeserved fame, behind the beautiful financial figures is the best annotation. At the 2005 annual ZARA global operating income reached 4400000000 euros, pre-tax profit of 712000000 euros. Morgan Stanley in a research report forecasts to 2014 earnings per share, the average annual growth rate of ZARA is 10.9%, and Burberry (BURBERRY) with an average annual growth rate of five luxury group the rate is only 7.7%. Because ZARA good financial performance, the strong momentum of development, brand ZARA founder Amancio Ortega Gaona ( Amancio Ortega Gaona ) wealth is in line with the stock market and rising, in 2007 " Forbes " global rich list eighth, total assets amounted to $24000000000.ZARA as a fast fashion ( Fast Fashion ) model of the leadership brand, reputation, lucrative, true it may be said foamposites for cheap is " gain both fame and wealth ", ZARA apparently has become a model for profitable brands. The ZARA brand is rising at an alarming rate in the fashion industry, 2005 lightning ranks among the world's 100 most valuable brands in the world, and Armani ( Armani ) fashion circles major suit behind. " Taking history as a mirror, one can know the rise and fall of different economic times, " a great brand history tells us a great brandrising often lies in its brand spirit and integrity spirit of the times and consumer demand a high degree of fit ofdeep. ZARA profitable brand model has succeeded in global carry the world before one is the best interpretation.?? ZARA brand archives:Countries: SpainCreate age: 1975Founder: Oman Theo Ortega Gaona ( Amancio Ortega Gaona )Product categories: women, men's clothing, children's clothing, accessoriesThe group: Inditex MJ has always had a nasty supporting role in the Jordan ad. His name is Mars Blackmon. Air Jordan has become a kind of culture in the United States, not the day after become a director of Spike · Lee; the support from Air Jordan, the beginning of 3, Spike began a partnership with Jordan, MJ and advertising "Martian" series lasted 4 years, until Air Jordan 7 and "cooperation" to bugs bunny the end. In 2005 Air Jordan 20, Jordan brand again invited Spike in advertising protagonist, so the official Jordan has been very grateful to Spike, in the past in the name of Spike launched the Jordan Spizike, Air Jordan Spike 40, and will launch the Spike color in some positive generation, such as the 2005 AJ4 AJ6 red flame red, 2014 Spike color, or 2016 AJ6 liquid gold, Spike is selling. also includes Jordan Son of Mars the two hybrid shoes, although the simple version of this shoe is known as the Jordan Spizike, but it is in no way inferior to the former, Spike participated in the filming of advertising of the 5 generation of Air Jordan is classic details as the core of the Jordan Son of Mars AJ is that the two most popular shoes the details of it, including the AJ3 toe heel burst crack, AJ4 mesh tongue, AJ5 midsole, shoe buckle shoes upper and AJ6, and AJ20 magic, although at first glance that is hybrid shoes, but really tidal range of children. cheap jordans Footpatrol and the famous British shoe store last year produced a joint GEL-Kayano ASICS classic jogging shoes, season two again, the new x ASICS Tiger Gel Kayano Footpatrol Trainer Storm "". The "Storm" color before the continuation of the functional waterproof suede material, colors are blue and supplemented with purple, against white at the bottom of the lower than fresh and quite eye-catching, compared to last year in the green style, the "Storm" color is more of a spring atmosphere, more exciting. It is reported that the Footpatrol x ASICS Tiger Gel Kayano Trainer "Storm" will also be landing on April 11th Footpatrol limited edition, interested friends should not miss.recently, the world's top luxury shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities in an open-air shopping paradise - Houston River Oaks Shopping Center (River Oaks District Houston) announced in October 5-7 held the 2017 Houston Fashion X fashion week. when New York, Paris fashion week was like a raging fire, always as "Polytechnic male" image of Houston finally unbearable, wayward play fashion week! Recently, the world's top luxury shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities in an open-air shopping paradise - Houston River Oaks Shopping Center (River Oaks District Houston) announced that it will be held on October 5-7 2017 Houston Fashion X fashion week. Then, the tide of the full T station serves in the River Oaks shopping center even hi three nights, every night will show the number of a series of fashion show, the show products from Houston newly emerging designers, this season is the best fashion design award winner and the popular TV show "Project Runway" (Project Runway) of the whole star fashion series. In addition, for Houston Fashion X are part of the business of fashion trend, River Oaks shopping center will also be held in autumn and Pinxiu single shop party, local accessories designer will show their latest single product in the "flash shop" with the brand on the promenade. in this regard, River Oaks Shopping Center Marketing Manager Jennifer Rivera (Jennifer Rivera) said, "we are honored to work with Houston fashion week (Fashion X Houston) jointly held a visual feast of fashion, cutting-edge designer jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black s to let go out, but also for many well-known brands of fashion designers fall / collision unique, gorgeous beauty. We look forward to the guests to create a fantastic fashion party, portrait interpretation of fashion art and the perfect combination of technology." is worth mentioning is that the Houston fashion week exhibits are from top designers, even invited to employ models from Dezhou's largest brokerage firm Page Parkes model. One of the main objectives of the fashion week is held in Houston, by Houston (Houston Fashion Fund Fashion Fund), to build a bridge leading to the dream for the local cutting-edge designer. (PS: Houston BERNINA of America Fashion Fund in the company, to provide products and services to a local designer funding for its expanding occupation career, consolidate Houston fashion industry.) now, Houston River Oaks shopping center has opened ticketing channels, including the front seat tickets for $395, $75 of personal fare / Zhang (individual single ticket number is limited, to the end), $30 / piece of ticket for standing room. For more exciting information, click here to visit the Houston River Oaks shopping center Chinese official website. because AIR JORDAN too hot market, resulting in too expensive prices, resulting in a lot of shoes fans can only wait and see. I was in the student days, there are many favorite shoes money, because of economic reasons, always can not wear it, for this feeling of regret, I also have a deep understanding. so I also collect a lot of classic, and good to wear, the price is very reasonable AIR JORDAN shoes recommend to you. ||| - ||| | black cat assault MAM Air Jordan AJ13 shoe shop 13 Joe 13 black 3M 884129-414571-011 $1549 to buy JORDAN classic thirteenth generation boots, black color also recently ushered in the engraved, dotted black shoe body with 3M details, very cool. matte leather with heel holographic images, leopard eye texture invincible, the bottom is equipped with front and rear palm ZOOM air cushion, providing adequate shock, is a pair of handsome and can play good shoes. ||| - ||| | drowner struck MAM Air Jordan AJ8 shoe shop 8 Joe 8 All Star drowner black purple 305368-305381-025 $949 to buy black blue c Cheap air jordans for sale olor is designed for Jordan in the All-Star game dress, designed, very low-key color, without losing the domineering, graffiti style midsole design details. The towering upper ankle bring excellent protection, cross straps can be freely adjusted package, full control AIR SOLE air cushion bring great shock. 07 years of this color, because of the scarcity of reasons, once the market price as high as 3000 yuan, this time also increased the amount of the sale, so love its fans fans can finally start with a lower price. ||| - ||| | classic reproduction, very handsome AIR JORDAN 12 generation low support version, black and white hit very shocking, and playoff color similar. High quality full grain leather shoes provide excellent protection and wrapping. In the end is equipped with full palm zoom air cushion, called the perfect feeling. Low help design is also more suitable for everyday wear, compared to the high edition version of the price, low help version is less than its general price, cost-effective. ||| - ||| | New Year's note Air Jordan 12 AJ12 CNY China year twelve 881427122881428142 $1349 to buy high version of the AIR JORDAN 12 generation, specifically for the Chinese new year launched a new color. The black and white matching upper is embellished with golden details. Special shoebox also shows its difference, but the design of collection level is 〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has just come to an end, Chinese athletes have also achieved a record of outstanding record, he won 51 gold medals, 51 gold medals obtained. August 25, when the people are still immersed in the joy of a jubilant atmosphere, the Olympic was finally held a press conference in Beijing, on some time ago the media reported on the Peak will issue signing NBA players, opened to the public X -MAN mystery. When the X-MAN appeared, the scene came the waves of cheers and screams, Who is he? He is not Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming is not. He is the Olympic Games US "Dream Team" of the soul leader, today's technology the most comprehensive NBA players, but also active players in most times get a triple-double? - Jason Kidd. The dream of eight Captain Kidd appeared Beijing Public and film base, teamed domestic "basketball experts" Pick media briefing held jointly answer the public's questions. Kidd had just won the championship excitedly said: feel great champion, too many times we are passing and champion, this time through the efforts of our team, and finally get back to the championship. And I will work with Olympic formally signed in October this year, the first two days I'll shoot part of Olympic advertising. I hope these few pieces of commercials to tell all the fans supported me, no matter what have the courage to try and innovate, face the greatest difficulty and setbacks do not give up, as long as the self-confidence, hard work, we will be able success. Jason was born in 1975? Kidd, in the 1994 first-round draft pick to the second pick overall by the Dallas Mavericks in his career has played for the Mavericks, Phoenix Suns and New Jersey Nets, now back to the Dallas Mavericks. With sensitive passing vision, unparalleled bigger picture, unrivaled in the world of fast break ability, he called one of the greatest in NBA history point guard. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, is by virtue of Kidd's excellent play, then the "dream of four" team that won the Olympic Games gold medal, after a lapse of eight years, Kidd led the "Dream eight" again dominate the basketball world. yesterday afternoon, at the Wukesong Basketball Hall performed "Dream eight" and match-ups between the Spanish matador, Peak general manager Xu Zhihua visit the site to watch the game, witnessed the American dream of eight Team glorious moment. If you say that in 2000, the young Kidd is with superb offensive and defensive basketball skills, makes him worthy of the king, so now Kidd, more as the role of spiritual leaders. Each team will have a soul, if not the spiritual leader of the existence of such Kidd, 'dream of eight' big players are hard to gather together to play seriously! Pick Zhi-Hua Xu, general manager, said: "Whether on the court or off, Kidd is much we respect the Olympic spirit and the confidence of his brand proposition" I CAN PLAY "coincide, this is what we are determined to invite him as spokesperson reason! With Kidd signed just a part of our international strategy to deepen in the coming days, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with the NBA, for the more outstanding Chinese teenager sent to NBA training, spare no effort to promote common development of international and domestic basketball career, the Chinese people realize the dream of basketball. " When the scene reporter asked why choose Pick Kidd? Kidd told reporters: "In the game, have a good pair of shoes will be one of the key you win the game, and I need a pair of better, more professional basketball shoes to protect me, I will wear Olympic season in NBA08-09 for my generation tailored boots. During and after the Olympic designer communication, I learned these shoes are better able to help me on the basketball court to play to their level, I can not wait to wear this pair of shoes. I believe that the Olympic specialty, so I chose the Peak, in the future I will often come to China to share my experiences with the Chinese race fans. " Pick Kidd together, bound in the brand international road and on a ladder, the Olympic basketball cultural connotation of the brand to a new height, and "I CAN PLAY" will be accompanied by the arrival of Jason Kidd, get a new sublimation, we also look forward to continue to write Olympic basketball myth.Philadelphia shoes store UBIQ recently with New Balance cooperation brings a pair of joint 1600 "English Crown" shoes money. Inspiration and name are taken from the British crown Edward St. known to the world, "" the 1600 tone Ruby through the choice of high-grade suede shoes with leather production, contract tone tongue and gold tone embroidery details create incomparable luxury beauty, but also joined the Orb & on the insole; Scepter details. UBIQ and New Balance are more invited to A$AP Nast demonstration on the foot, and this joint 1600 "English Crown" will begin in September 9th in UBIQ stores and online stores for sale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes adidas, UltraBOOST, Gold, Hazelnut, guest version, functional aesthetics of materials and details! ACRONYM x NikeLab brand new joint Presto Mid "Neon" color matching comments on : adidas UltraBOOST Gold Hazelnut guest version next: functional aesthetics of materials and details! ACRONYM x NikeLab brand new joint Presto Mid "Neon" color matching The replacement of shoes is really fast Huarache classic retro contour based on the day before Nike brought a new Free Ace Leather running shoes, which shoes made of perforated nubuck leather, and leather straps to printed with "Nike" and Swoosh Logo stereo as the ornament, avant-garde sense, finally equipped with neoprene in comfortable fit boots and flexible soles showed Free 5. First wave full black color is now landing Titolo and other designated retailers, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes simple low-key, NikeLab Classic Cortex "Big Tooth" do not note color matching comfortable wearing experience, NikeLab Free Inneva Woven Mid SP all black color matching commented on last article: simple low-key, NikeLab Classic Cortex "Big Tooth" do not note the next color: fitting comfortable wearing experience, NikeLab, Free, Inneva, Woven, Mid, SP, black color matching , I wish we could have these old shoes too, and they're still well preserved. All of them are the essence of the collection NIKE original basketball shoes, from Force to Flight are. In the late 80s and early 90s of the last century, 〉